#TranslateTuesday – African Proverb on Peace and Leadership

This #TranslateTuesday , we will cover African Proverb on Peace and Leadership.

“He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk. “ ~ Malawian proverb.

Brief meaning – This proverb means that to be a good leader, there has to be a number of people subscribing to your ideologies.


>Yeye anayefikiria ni kiongozi ilhali hana wafuasi huchukuliwa kua anatembea tu. ” ~  Swahili translation.

> ” O si ti o bar o ti wa ni yori si ni ko si ọkan wọnyi rẹ ti wa ni nikan mu a rin .”  ~  Yoruba translation.

> ” Ucabanga ukuthi esiholela akuyona enye yalezi wena nje ukuthatha walk”  – Zulu translation.

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