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Mahmoud Salah: Egypt


Mahmoud Salah is a lawyer by training. He has been involved in civil society in Egypt for more than 4 years. He also a freelance researcher and Journalist and previously was a media monitor for the last parliament election in Egypt and has implemented an initiative called “Tolerance Train” that aimed to enhance tolerance and coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.

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Gogontlejang Phaladi: Botswana


Phaladi has worked for various media outlets and UNICEF as a radio presenter and communication intern, she is currently a Content contributor – Genderlinks (Southern Africa) online newsfeed. As a young Gender Champion, she writes articles addressing issues of gender, HIV and AIDS, poverty and young people in the Southern Africa region. Kindly refer to links on the last page to see some of my published articles

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Sahlim Charles: Founder and Executive Director


Sahlim Charles is a communication person and film maker with interest in improving and impacting the lives of youth and people living in the sub-saharan Africa. He is a youth developer who has been and still is part of key youth organization working on issues of youth development, human rights, governance and advocacy.

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Taye Balogun: Co-Founder and Executive Director

Taye Balogun

Taye Balogun is a Film Director, Producer and a Photographer.  He attended University of Lagos where he studied Chemistry and went on to study Film at the National Film Institute, Jos – Nigeria, and he majored in Cinematography and Photography. An Alumni of OneFineDayFilm and EU BabylonMaster class workshop.

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Willy Tanui : IT and Development Director


Will has a background and passion in technology and business with preference to startups. An Information Systems and Business  (Major)  graduate from the University of Nairobi Business School,  He has spent most of his time working with start-ups, data and systems design. Co-founder at Derevabuddy, a traffic analytics startup, Founder, Nextlevel Analytics; Nanalytics , online data analytics company.

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