It’s recap Friday! What happened in Africa this past week? The news for most of us was the unity march that took place on Sunday and 40 world leaders attended with millions of people. There was a lot of criticism because certain leaders attended and there was also a lot of criticism because some presidents skipped out- eg. Obama. Not forgetting that some African leaders being present while Nigeria just lost 2000 people to terrorist attacks: These leaders had said nothing or not shown any solidarity toward the people of Nigeria.


The unity march was a great gesture showing that yes, in this ruthless world there is some humanity and solidarity left. However, unfortunately- terror remains rampant on our soil and is an everyday occurrence for some. What happened in France last week was wrong but when people put up signs and tweet that they are ‘Charlie Hebdo’- I cannot say that I am. Granted freedom of speech is integral to a democracy but when information is insulting- is it still freedom of speech? I am not saying that people deserve to die or be killed, but when sentiments are derogatorily expressed- to a point it is offensive- do you have the freedom to insult to a point it is disrespectful? That is a rant for another day- Let’s see a brief summary on what caught the news in Africa:


Monday 12th January

Mali – Modibo Keita named prime minister following resignation of Moussa Mara

Nigeria – Child suicide bomber reported in Maiduguri

Cote d’Ivoire – Security increased near Liberian border following attack on military outpost

Kenya – Assailants target church service in Mombasa


Tuesday 13th

Cameroon – Boko Haram militants attack military base in Far North region

Democratic Republic of Congo – Authorities disperse demonstration in Kinshasa


Wednesday 14th

Chad – Security increased along Cameroonian border due to Boko Haram incursion concerns

Tanzania – Zambia – Train services between Tanzania and Zambia impacted by ongoing strike

Madagascar – Prime minister and cabinet resign amid ongoing criticism


Thursday 15th

Mozambique – Flooding destroys major infrastructure prompting travel disruptions

Nigeria – Presidential campaign rallies to be held in western city of Ado-Ekiti on 14 January

Togo – Civil society groups announce sit-in protests in capital of Togo from 14 to 16 January

Ghana – Domestic airlines indefinitely suspend all flight services amid inclement weather conditions



Remember- if something catches your eye- and something should, research and investigate!

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