Our Past; Not future


The Africa In Me – Throw Back Thursday It is exactly 1year 7 months since the West Gate terror attack that claimed 67 lives and 175 injured, not to mention the others . In light to what has happened to the students at Garissa University on the 2nd April – 152 young lives was lost and 79 injuries – we have a responsibility as youths of this nation and continent to ensure that such heinous crime does not become our future again. It’s a pity that the youths are to some great extent the attackers and victims of other people’s evil agenda. We have a responsibility to take charge and protect our continent.we should not be swayed by blood money, instead we should put our energy to build a better Africa. We should be on the look out of any suspicious actions that threatens our security. It starts with us. #peaceinourDNA #terroroncampus


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