Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

It is not who she was but what she believed in, not what she went through but how she handled it and most importantly what she achieved by believing in her dreams; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Ellen is a Liberian politician and economist, who was the first woman to be elected as a president in an African country, she served as a head of state from 2006.She was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2011 alongside Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul karman for peace for their efforts to further women’s rights. She was arrested for openly criticizing the military government, but later released early and allowed to leave her country. Liberia broke into a civil war during her 12yearsc of exile in Kenya and united States, where she became an influential Economist. She ran for president in the 1997 election, after a tentative truce had been reached in Liberia’s conflict. She lost to Charles Taylor and later in 2003 run again with the intention of fighting civil strife and corruption, establish unity and build the country’sinfrustrcture.she Run for elections aain to serve for another term in 2011. Today she still serve as Liberian president, a position that is highly regarded for the male. #wcw #peaceinourDNA


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