I am a dreamer, who dreams every single day
And sometimes when I speak about my dreams
People may find me naive

So, what are these dreams?
As I read my history, I can’t seem to understand a lot
The painful horrific stories of slavery
And Africans as a people, have enormous hearts to forgive
And in a sense forget

What still gets me is how, even today
We notice the unfair extraction of our resources and minerals
We know that we are oppressed
But not only by western nations
But by some of our own people

Then I think, we are the most youthful continent on earth right now
What are we going to do brothers and sisters?
Because the past of corruption and greed worked
And we see pure corruption, dysfunctional systems and institutions
But times are changing- we can’t all act like its not there
It’s like refusing to open your eyes assuming
That these problems will take care of themselves

Guess what brothers and sisters
It starts with me and you
And we have to decide
Africa is not a place
Africa is in you
What happens to Africa- is a collective choice.
So leave me in my dream

  • Naturinda Cathy

    Extremely on point, reminds me of Ngugi Wa’Thiongo’s Devil on the Cross…


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