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We are a Pan African integration platform that shares African values, culture, development and unity. We do this through an exchange programme and production of African documentaries aimed at understanding and promoting African heritage.

The Africa in me is found on the premises of enhancing and upholding the spirit of Pan-African among the African citizen residing in Africa. We are focused on empowering youth across in taking up the challenge to inspire cultural, heritage and education development.

We believe that the youth have great power to ensuring African achieves its full potential in advancement of its culture, heritage, sports and technology.

As outlined in the Agenda 2063 of the Africa we want, an integrated, prosperous and peaceful African driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena. There is an urgent need to help raise an African generation whose desires and ambitions are to foster unity, love and harmony across African continent.

There has been continued need for the African especially youth to take lead, in realizing the dreams of our fore-fathers.

According to the aspiration 5 of agenda 2063: an African with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, value and ethics, its believed that the realization of this aspiration will help Africa retain its lost identity which has been drained by the desire to copy other cultures across the global.

The Africa In Me, therefore will collaborate with the AU and other like-minded organizations, both state and non-state agencies, across Africa to ensure that every citizen across Africa, from children to adults understands and work towards the goals of Pan-Africanism and unity of Africa.



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